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Vehicle Close Quarter Battle (VCQB®) Instructor

Course Duration: 5 Days
Cost: $1995 CDN (plus taxes)
Course Requirements: Active LE, Peace Officer, or Military

Vehicle Close Quarter Battle (VCQB®) Instructor is a 5-day program to include a full day of force-on-force application. With current use by the FBI, RCMP, Michigan State Police, NYPD, USMS and many others, the VCQB® program has become the national standard within the law enforcement community for vehicle-based engagements.

VCQB® Instructor is an accelerated shooting class focused on positional shooting and critical light manipulations in and around vehicles. Students will push the boundaries of traditional cover and concealment utilizing various cars and trucks in a true three-dimensional environment. Drills will incorporate critical weapon employment while engaging threats in, around, from, over and under vehicles with a heavy emphasis on problem solving. Lighting principles and threat assessment all play a major factor in this course. Live ballistic demonstrations with a variety of ammunition will be conducted as the class explores ballistic deflection, deformation, penetration and terminal effect in direct correlation to various vehicle mediums. Classroom portions will include video diagnostics, statistics, tactical considerations and the science behind why we win and lose around vehicles.

The final day of the VCQB® instructor program will give students a non-lethal training curriculum to advance their department’s status quo past static square range tactics. This dynamic environment is developed in a drill format that allows students to experience common avenues of attack by motivated threats in and around vehicles. The curriculum ensures the highest performance from students prior to them encountering an actual engagement.

Successful students will leave with a full instructor packet to include extensive lesson plans, PowerPoint presentation, video diagnostics, diagrams, and relevant studies. This course will have long days and a night shoot (depending on range logistics). Upon satisfactory completion of this 40-hour course students will be awarded a VCQB® Instructor Certification.

Individual Equipment List:

  • Handgun with at least 3 reliable magazines (5 if single stack).
  • Approved duty holster, duty belt and magazine pouches. Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the holster in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions.
    [No SERPA holsters are allowed]
  • Reliable carbine with at least 3 magazines and durable sling. Carbine needs to be zeroed prior to class.
  • 1000 rounds of handgun training ammunition.
  • 600 rounds of carbine training ammunition (frangible if possible).
  • A ‘Simunition’ or Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) weapon system conversion kit for pistol (and carbine if possible).
  • 150 rounds of NLTA corresponding pistol ammunition.
  • 50 rounds of NLTA corresponding carbine ammunition (if applicable).
  • Valid soft body armor (SBA) and/or ballistic plates if used operationally.
  • TQ (CAT of SOFTT) on person is mandatory; IFAK is recommended.
  • Eye protection and electronic ear protection.
  • Handheld flashlight, extra batteries, and clear eye protection are necessary for low light work.
  • 2 chem lights (any color). 
  • PPE for force-on-force training (NLTA approved helmet, neck and groin protection, gloves, coveralls etc).
  • Appropriate clothing: long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves, and knee pads are mandatory. Elbow pads and face wrap are optional.
  • Weapons maintenance equipment, notepad, pen, and permanent marker.
  • Food, water, and weather appropriate clothing as required

Course Prerequisites:

  • Current Canadian law enforcement, peace officer, corrections, or active military status.
  • Legal firearms: department issued and/or personally owned with valid paperwork.
  • Able to demonstrate and employ safe weapons handling during training.
  • Previous intermediate to advanced firearms training to include movement, barricades, communication with others and adverse shooting positions is strongly recommended.

If you have any questions about the course, the prerequisites or what is recommended please do not hesitate to contact us.

  •  August 12, 2024 - August 16, 2024
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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