The Company

The centrifuge is a simple yet effective machine. It can be found in laboratories rotating at high speeds and being utilized as a process of discovery, isolating and refining its contents. It is this same systematic, data-driven approach that Centrifuge Training Canada utilizes in delivering pragmatic solutions to the modern problem solver.

A law enforcement driven company; we specialize in vehicle-based tactics such as VCQB™ and HRVS workshops, vehicle interdiction techniques, low-light and injured shooter programs as well as instructor development courses.

Will Petty

William Petty began his Law Enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there he served as a Firearms Instructor, an Emergency Response Team member and was also a member of the department’s shooting team.  In 2011, Petty relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where he worked as a Counter-Terrorism Instructor with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority.

In 2013 (to present) he returned to the U.S. and resumed law enforcement with his department in Texas.  While there he worked patrol and ran the firearms programs for several large regional Police academies.

He has and continues to run contract courses establishing various programs and in-service material for major local, state and federal departments in the US and Canada.

Stefan Van Tassell

Stefan has over fifteen years of active law enforcement experience with a major municipal agency. His first eight years of service was working as a Patrol Constable, which included secondments to the organization’s Firearms Training Team as well as an acting Patrol Sergeant, and serving on the department’s Riot Control Squad. He’s now been in the full-time Tactical Unit for over seven years, where he is cross-trained as an assaulter and police sniper, and responsible for resolving high-risk incidents including warrant service, fugitive apprehension and hostage rescue operations. He has documented over 3900 training hours from internal and external sources and is responsible for numerous instructional and operational portfolios within the SWAT teams.

Taz Clark

Taz is a full-time police officer of a major department in Western Canada with over 13 years of experience. Currently, he is a senior officer in his department’s Officer Safety and Tactics Unit. Taz has extensive instructional experience while focusing on portfolios including Emergency Vehicle Operations, ARWEN Instructor, Master Taser Instructor and all Vehicle-Based Tactics. Prior to this post, he was in front line operations for 9 years as a Patrol Constable and Acting Sergeant; as well as a key member of the Special Munitions Team inside of the department’s Riot Control Squad. For over a decade he continues to seek the most up to date and cutting-edge training from the highest levels of Canadian and USA tactical sources.

Angela Petty

Angela grew up in Central Texas and is an alumna of Texas A&M University. She began a career in retail operations with The Sports Authority in 2005, and went on to hold regional and national management positions with Follett Higher Education Group and Bloomingdale’s. During William’s time as an instructor for the CNIA in the UAE, Angela worked as an executive assistant for the Director of Corporate Wellness at Fitness First Middle East. This work prepared her for her role as a co-owner and administrator of Centrifuge Training. Today her primary role is handling everything off the range, which includes coordinating schedules and logistics with course hosts, clients, and instructors, accounting and arranging travel.