Well, That Sucks…

Course Duration: 2 Days
COST: $600 CDN
Course Requirements: LE, Peace Officer, Corrections, or MIL

A data-driven approach to the reality of law enforcement gunfights; this course will explore the common issues and injuries that are inflicted upon members involved in these types of situations. Students will learn to employ handgun and carbine while problem solving different simulated injuries. Improvised aide, tourniquet (TQ) application and evacuation are worked through and then performed on demand under stress.

This is an accelerated course in which task versus priority, manipulations, communication, teamwork and movement will be covered. This is NOT a basic or beginner level course and students will be required to come with an above average firearms and tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) understanding, as well as be physically prepared.

Course Requirements:

  • Handgun with at least 3 reliable magazines.
  • Reliable carbine/assault rifle with at least 3 magazines and durable sling.
  • Approved duty holster, duty belt and magazine pouches.
    [Note: No SERPA holsters are allowed]
  • Valid soft body armor (SBA) and/or ballistic plates if used operationally.
  • 400 rounds of handgun training ammunition.
  • 300 rounds of carbine training ammunition.
  • CAT of SOF-T tourniquet on person is mandatory; IFAK is recommended.
  • Eye protection and electronic ear protection.
  • Appropriate clothing; long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves and knee pads are mandatory.
  • Weapons maintenance equipment, notepad, pen and permanent marker.
  • Food and water as required.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Current Canadian law enforcement, peace officer, corrections or active military status.
  • Legal firearms; department issued and/or personally owned with paperwork.
  • Able to demonstrate and employ safe weapons handling during courses of fire.
  • Previous intermediate to advanced firearms training to include movement, barricades, communication with others and adverse shooting positions are recommended.

If you have any questions about the course, the prerequisites or what is recommended please do not hesitate to ask us.